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Need carpenter who can put lap siding against the old sidings. Cudei Pass Shiprock. See Ernest Brown 505-340-5542. Inquire at 107 West Maple St. Farmington.

Elite Swabbing Service is now hiring swabbing operator. Must have CDL and clean driving record. Experience a must. 505-334-6752, 505-320-3742.

Experienced stitcher / sew-ers to do simple sewing jobs. Must have your own sewing~ machine, honest, nice, and willing to work.~ 323-873-0726.

Help Wanted: Maintenance and Management for Mobile Home park in Cortez. Salary and Home included. 760-419-1901.

Help Wanted: Maintenance and Management for Mobile Home park in Kirtland. Salary and Home included. 505-326-0005.

Automotive repair technician needed. Brittains Highland Service. 970-247-9860.

Fade It Barber Shop now hiring experienced barbers. Apply at 632 West Main in Farmington.

Help Wanted: Mechanics, automotive and or agriculture. Dove Creek, call evenings. 970-394-4004.

Wanted CDL truck driver. Part time and more, dump truck in Durango area. 970-759-8463.