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Mantenimiento, manejo de documentos en bienes y raices de un parque de trailas en Kirtland, NM y Cortez, CO. Trabajo incluye casa y salario. Por favor mande un email con su experiencia a ehpestates o habla 970-565-7000 para mas informacion.

AATT, Inc. seeking employees: Skilled industrial machinist needed. Manufacturing, fabrication, lathe and milling, babbitt bearing, surface grinding, etc. 505-326-1778,

Ranch hand need for a purebred Angus ranch, needs to be familiar with tractor and irrigation. Housing and utilities furnished. Located in southwest Colorado. Interested? 970-799-3942.

AATT, Inc. seeking employees: Skilled industrial mechanic needed. AC and DC motors, pumps, balancing and alignment, etc. 505-326-1778,

Manager Wanted for smaller mobile home park in Farmington, Nice fenced living quarters with all utilities provided as compensation. 970-884-2462, leave message.

Bloomfield Part-time handyman contractor for rental homes. Must have tools and vehicle. Honest and dependable? Call me, 970-759-9833.

Elite Swabbing Service is now hiring swabbing operator. Must have CDL and clean driving record. Experience a must. 505-334-6752, 505-320-3742.

Looking for experienced rig-up truck drivers. Contact David McDonald 505-419-8745, Jarod Docktor 505-320-7313.

Help Wanted: Mechanics, automotive and or agriculture. Dove Creek, call evenings. 970-394-4004.

Wanted CDL truck driver. Part time and more, dump truck in Durango area. 970-759-8463.

One ton truck/ driver move small mobile home. Bids 505-592-7480.

Personal Caregiver: Available days or nights. Linda 970-426-8709.